Ketogenic Diet Lifestyle





What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural and safe body condition, when our body is burning fat
rather than sugar, as the primary fuel source.

This sugar – is  a glucose, which is produced from the carbs we eat.

Any extra glucose is stored  at our  liver and  at the muscles as glycogen. Or it converted
in to a fat for storage.
By lowering carbohydrates in our diet, we help insulin hormone levels to drop, and we
change our metabolism to shift into fat burning mode.

Food that are  rich with high and healthy fats  helps control the appetite and reach the  weight goal.

When our bodies are in this fat burning mode we are technically in ketosis.

Night time is a great time for fasting. When after our dinner around 6-7pm, we fasting till we go to bed and plus all night,
we are very close to ketosis after 12 hours of fasting or more.
After we eat breakfast in the morning, or even drink coffee with milk we break our fasting right away,
the body produce insulin which blocked fat burning process and  usually does not return into the ketosis state for the rest of the day
because the body it’s busy digesting the food and breaking down the carbs.

When we on Ketogenic Diet with a low-carb and high fat intake we go into the ketosis.
During ketosis stage our  body burns fat and especially it helps burn fat around the belly, which most of us struggling with. It explains that ketosis has anti-inflammatory benefits of the diet.